Keynote Speakers Thursday 21 June 2018


30% to 50% Growth This Year - Here's How....


10.15am  – 10.45am

Mat Bullock is a serial Entrepreneur & award winning DJ, having help run & operate businesses over the past 3 decades in all types of business sectors. Since 2000 he has run social media campaigns for all businesses he has been connected to. He is now a certified social media & community expert/advisor for around 55 companies across the world.

11.30am – 12.00pm

Yes, If YOU are looking to grow you business then here is you answer!

There is a way to generate a higher volume of better enquiries.

There is a way to close more sales with higher margins.

There is a way to manage a business with less stress and more time.

Here’s how….

Ben is known for his high energy, and In this entertaining and information-rich seminar 

he will share some of his many experiences and ‘secrets’ to business growth…and show 

you how you absolutely CAN grow your business significantly this year.

Ben Kench, author of “Selling For Dummies” and creator of ‘The Business Booster’

programme is recognised as the UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist.

Lively, fun and very very valuable – Do NOT miss this seminar!

1pm – 1.30pm

‘If Steve Jobs had his time again he would had given up all is wealth for just one extra day with his family’

Bev Sankey shares her story on how stress and overwork nearly cost her our health, home and family until she chose to change the way she worked by being smarter. She got rid of her £140,000 a year of 150 staff in the UK and China to working from home. She has used Arbonne to run an online lifestyle business to give her a healthy approach to life and healthy living.

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