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Keynote Speaker 12.00 - 12.30

Title:  Business Growth, 100% Guaranteed

About the talk:
Loyal clients describe Pendleton’s Business Waterwheel™, as the most comprehensive, effective and easy-to-use tool, for rapidly and sustainably growing a business. So, if growth is what you want, listen in, do the work, and we guarantee your business will grow, or we’ll hand back every penny we haven’t earned. Join us here to find out how it works!

Who is it for:
Business owners, key decision-makers and non-exec directors, who would value 100% money-back-guaranteed support, to improve and grow their business.

"Rob Pendleton is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, angel investor & director, with a successful 20-year career leading business transformation, growth and improvement. Originally trained by PwC, this former Cornish Entrepreneur of the Year, now helps other SW-based businesses grow successfully."