Sales Radar

We know what it’s like to be super busy, you forget to follow up.

You’re not alone as  this is possibly the biggest reason most sales leads get neglected.

The result was SalesRadar – an easy to use, cost effective tool that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to easily manage their sales process in one place with a clearly defined dashboard to show what actions are required to close sales.

SalesRadar is cloud based software which can take care of all those needs.  It can remind you of all your important follow ups; it can track your sales.  It really can take control of all of that sales noise that is going round in your head, so your brain can focus on delivering excellent value to your clients.

Our system is designed to help you work in a structured way to ensure you never miss a client opportunity ever again. In fact it goes a step further because not only do we offer a simple and really easy to use system – it can actually help you find new clients too!

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