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Contrary to popular belief networking does work. Although most small businesses understand this, a lot including larger organisations see networking as a waste of time. Randomly going around meeting strangers and passing cards around doesn’t seem to add value in their eyes. These people may be right; going around aimlessly meeting random businesses who have nothing in common with you or your business could be a waste of time. Unless you see everyone you meet as a potential advocate or customer to your business. The Business Growth Show has created a number of options for you to network and maximise your time out of the office.

VIP Networking Lunch

We provide lunch for our VIP Ticket holders in Exhibition Hall 1 these are limited and either issued via our sponsors or exhibitors or can be purchased online.The networking lunch allows businesses to connect with each other in a relax and friendly environment over a cup tea or coffee. The area has been designed to be open and friendly, allowing delegates the time to catch up with each other and meet new contacts. Use the opportunity to connect with new and existing contacts. The networking lunch period is between 12.00pm and 12.50pm and is the most popular part of the day. VIP Tickets are given out on arrival from when the doors open and are limited. VIP guest is advised to get to the show 15 minutes prior to the show over.

Speed Networking

Speed Networking is the fast and furious way of networking, this tradition within the show has helped thousands of businesses to connect. With the famous Sergeant Major making appearances across the country to help facilitate thousands of sessions, in not only The Business Growth Show but other events as well. You will be given 60 seconds to make the most out of your brief encounter and if the person seating in front of you is not right for you then you soon will be able to move on.

It’s only natural to feel a little apprehensive; here are a few helpful tips to prepare you for your Speed Networking session.

Tips for Speed Networking

  • Preparation is vital, have plenty of business cards
  • Pass your business card over as soon as you sit down
  • Introduce yourself
  • Be concise
  • Deliver the key point of your business
  • Explain what you’re looking for
  • Move when asked to
  • Stop talking when it’s not your turn and listen
  • Follow up, use the opportunity after the session to network in the show

Speed Networking timings

Session 1 9.15am – 09.45am  Session 2 12pm – 12.30pm

Open Networking

The Business Growth Show is all about networking and gaining advice from our speakers and exhibitors as well as making new contacts and services from. Open networking goes on throughout the day and helps businesses and owners grow their contacts in a relaxed environment.

Open Networking timings

9am – 3pm

Tips for Open Networking

  • Stand by the Tea & Coffee and offer people a drink for their business card
  • Be an ambassador introduce people to your contacts
  • Wear something bright and daring to stand out
  • Use your business card at the end of the conversation to carry on networking elsewhere
  • Ask people what they are looking for and see how you can help.