Zoe Bennett has a unique true life story which she titles “Through Adversity Breeds Success”. Zoe persevered through 7 murder trial postponements and after Zoe received death threats Gavin Williamson MP (now the Secretary of State for Defence, UK) also helped protect her and help get justice against one of the murderers who received 40 years to life without parole. She uses this tragic incident to reinforce that when life overwhelms you and you cannot see a way of succeeding, that you can find the inner motivation, strength, strategy and drive to ensure you are successful even through the toughest times utilising mindset. Even though she has gone through so much adversity, she continues to help others through theirs. * She helps with providing workshops in schools, charitable organisations, the public sector and the corporate industry by disclosing her background of her not succeeding in school and turning it around to obtain a Masters in Tourism management. Then she uses her background of a tragic event to encourage people that no matter how hard it gets, you have control of your destiny whether in your personal life or business life. She explains why it is important to set (realistic) goals and have a clear defined life strategy. The ultimate message is never give up!!! Zoe exudes “warmth, energy and inspiration. Zoe goes above and beyond the call of duty immensely and positively changes people’s lives that come into contact with her. This is demonstrated by the many different organisations and people she helps predominantly in the West Midlands but also within Lancashire, Oxfordshire as well as London. She helps so many different communities and is very diverse as well as inclusive in her approach. She does not only help one core group but many such as DV victims, the Youth, the Unemployed, the homeless, Cancer Victims, mental health sufferers, the disabled and continues to support many others selflessly such as:-  Over the past 3 years she has been providing motivational talks to Juniper Training Wolverhampton students that come from a disadvantaged background and to the youth at BYSA (Birmingham Youth Sports Academy).The feedback received and the motivation they received was well needed to give them direction and many life lessons to prepare them for the world.  Accord Housing Group a domestic violence service for their ladies in the refuge she provides confidence building workshops.  She mentors in schools on behalf of Emerge Leadership and especially the hard to reach children and she has never received any payment for this although Errol Lawson has offered to pay her many times. The feedback from the children is phenomenal and they listen to her.  She created in 2017 the conference Removing The Shame and Guilt for Women only and one for Men only to provide a safe space to receive information to help with victims of abuse held at Birmingham City University and Faircroft College, Selly Oak. She created the anonymous box upon entry for anyone to input any questions they needed answers to without feeling exposed and an expert panel answered these. She had charities exhibiting at no cost and provided breakout mini workshops such as a confidence building room, the basics of business for those abused financially, an honour based reclaim you room, the face of DV room and a legal clinic. The ladies conference helped save a ladies life who said on the anonymous card that she was going to commit suicide that day but felt she was no longer alone after coming to the conference and now had a reason to live.  Zoe is the founder of the black tie (MBCC) Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards www.midlandsbccawards.co.uk which recognises and values unsung heroes in the business and community worlds that go the extra mile selflessly where she takes no payment or expenses whatsoever and gives all the profits to charity every year. Over the past 3 years it has been operating she has given all the money away to the recipient charities, Compton Hospice, Whizzkids, Buddy Bag Foundation, Breast Cancer Now, The Olive Circle Foundation, NSPCC, UKCAB, and the Haven Wolverhampton. This year’s recipient charities are the West Midlands Police Cadets and Baby Ava’s Support Foundation.  Zoe provides pro bono workshops for W.A.I.T.S (Women Acting In Today’s Society). For their domestic abuse victim ladies. She helps them find their voice and reinforces a self belief within them that has them feeling as though they now control their destiny and that they can achieve anything through self belief as she delivers confidence building to them.  Zoe contacted National Express West Midlands and ask that they give her a double decker bus in January 2017 so that she could help the homeless and they gave it her for free which she passed to the rotary club so that they could fulfil her vision.  Since 2016 Zoe has been donating her time to speak in schools within the black country at careers fairs for the DWP Black Country. She has been asked back tie and time again because of the positive impact she has on the students. One of the many feedbacks from them was “Zoe certainly made the students sit up and listen. They didn’t know what to expect from a motivational talk having not had one before. She was engaging, talked at their level and included all the group. It was not a “talking at you” talk or an all about me talk. Yes, she gave the audience a lot of history about herself, what motivated her, but it was clearly about how they can help themselves, believe in themselves and make things happen for themselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.  She also provides pro bono motivational talks in schools for EBP (Enterprise and Business Partnership) Walsall who delivers a programmes within schools around entrepreneurship.  She is a resident motivational speaker with EmploybilityUK who work within schools to raise the children’s aspirations and Diane Vernon the founder says about Zoe “Zoe is a fantastic motivational speaker who really brings out the best in her audience. Young people can be hard to engage but Zoe has them eating out of the palm of her hand. From a hesitant start, she soon has them on their feet and joining in. An absolute delight to see! I would wholeheartedly recommend Zoe for any occasion where an entertaining, inspirational and informative input is needed.”  For the past two years Zoe has hosted the Cameroon Bisong Foundation charity fundraising evening in Oxfordshire and donates her entire fee to the charity.  Zoe provides confidence building workshops to women at the Charity Seek For Change who have been victims of DV, FGM and honour based violence. Zoe taps into her own experience of DV as a child as well as being sexually assaulted as an adult where the perpetrator served 3 years in prison for the horrendous attack against her. As a delivering partner for them she has quite simply saved lives and given the attendees hope and a real sense of they are worth it.  She is an ambassador for the charity Women and Families resource Centre in Wolverhampton and was invited to number 10 Downing Street on the 29th May 2017 for the work she does with them.  Zoe has also delivered training to FTSE100 companies. She has provided several motivational talks in schools as well as to apprentices. She provides them with employability and entrepreneurial skills training as well as delivers goal setting workshops blended with sharing inspirational life lessons.  Zoe is a champion for the charity Include Me Too (a disability charity based in Wolverhampton)  Zoe has spoken worldwide and last year spoke at a women’s empowerment conference in New Delhi India the WEF (Women’s Economic Forum) where she was awarded Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for Others.  NSPCC Birmingham Business Board Member (Feb 2017 to Present)  Member of the Fairness in Policing Critical Reference Groups for West Midlands Police (Dec 2017 – Present) Zoe Bennett MA has a Masters in Tourism Management and had previously worked within the tourism Industry for 16 years, with a vast amount of knowledge. She now owns her own personal development company Training Personified specialising in motivation, mindset, resilience, entrepreneurship, leadership, confidence building, employability and customer service. www.trainingpersonified.com Through her training company she has created and written a programme for the Department Work and Pensions JobCentre Plus called the USB (Unique Self Booster) where she delivers a programme to help the mental health unemployed self coach themselves to be self motivated to want to go to work but also sustain work and create an inner purpose by removing limiting beliefs as well as negative self talk and instead replace it with constant positivity of an “I Can and I Will” attitude even through the toughest challenges. It has been exceptionally successful that she is now on her 4th contract with them. She has a truly inspirational story which follows the heartaches, trauma, death threats and adversity in overcoming government obstacles from two countries, and how she eventually won justice in both courts. She also shares her adverse childhood to provide encouragement to others that no matter how hard life gets there is always a way forward. Through her real life story people learn strategies and insights on how they can breed success through adversity. The words that are described about Zoe after she has delivered training or one of her motivational talks are “inspirational” “motivational” “strong individual and “confident”.  NatWest Finalist “Entrepreneur For Good” West Midlands 2017  Enterprise Vision Awards Finalist – Training and Coaching 2017  Awarded In New Delhi, India at WEF “Iconic Woman Creating a Better World For Others” May 2017  Awarded June 2017 at Powerhouse Global for “Inspirational Woman of the Year”  Awarded Outstanding Diva at the Divas of Colour Awards 2017  Awarded Human Excellency Award from United Nations Mission of International Relations 2016  Co-auctioneer with John Barnes at the Jamaica basic School foundation Charity Ball, Nov 07  Worked with Usain Bolt at the Great Northern Run after party May 2009  She wrote the book “Networking Personified” which helps people understand the need to build longlasting business relationships not just clients though synergy and collaboration not competition.  Winner of West Midlands Women of The Year Awards & Inspirational Woman of the Year 2016  Founder and organiser of the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards www.midlandsbccawards.co.uk  Featured in the Daily Mail, The Mirror, BBC Radio, Lancashire Evening Post, Love It and Pick Me Up magazine