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This month I will cover the elections, cyber threat, 10 years of the iPhone, events and the launch of The Business Growth Network. I have also chosen some great blogs that you may find interesting as well as some great saving opportunities.

My Tip of the day for the month is ‘To admit defeat is one thing, to accept it is another’

This month I will cover the elections, cyber threat, 10 years of the iPhone, events and the launch of The Business Growth Network. I have also chosen some great blogs that you may find interesting as well as some great saving opportunities.

Businesses should have a Stiff Upper Lip over the General Election

So the election results came as a surprise to most… but whatever your thoughts on the political parties, their relative merits will not be discussed in this newsletter. What’s important to us is how this election result will impact business!
Businesses are already under pressure to deal with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and the latest general election result is just adding to that anxiety. While the political soap opera of our nation continues, it is now more important than ever to ensure your business has a robust, long-term plan in place.

It’s too early to assess how the election will fully impact the business market, and we face an uncertain future where no one is sure what changes we may be faced with or what the result will mean for Brexit.

The UK is essentially back to two party politics with the bulk of the electorate reverting to vote for either Conservatives or Labour. However, this is just one election, things can and do change, our advice is to keep calm, and crack on! Mark Linton has recently posted a Live Facebook chat which supports the concept, that in business all we can do is plan, prepare and carry on.
If you’re fully on board with this notion, what better way to embrace the ‘carry on’ attitude than booking your stand at the Business Growth Show for Thursday 21st September! The show is a comprehensive portal to growing your business and attracts the very best in the industry.

Cyber Security Threats and Your Business

All businesses should take basic steps to protect themselves online, a recent Cyber Security Intelligence Index by IBM, found that 60% of our attacks carried out by an action, or failure of someone inside the company. Businesses may vary in the value and volume of their assets but one thing they all have in common is staff, each of whom have the potential to be a cyber threat.
Human error is a major factor in security breaches. From misaddressed emails to confidential data sent to insecure home systems, mistakes can be costly! Fortunately, analytics and the growth of A.I. make it easier than ever to spot potential insider threats. However, even with advances in new technology managers need to be aware of what to look for, and how to get the most from their security protection.
It’s important to identify your most valuable systems and data, providing them with the strongest defenses, alongside frequent monitoring. Then focus on getting your basic security in place, it’s easy to get carried away with the newest tools on the market but if you’ve forgotten the basics it likely you’re still at risk! Applying the correct software packages will automatically close an open window before a hacker can access your network. Don’t make the hacker’s job easy, enforce strong standards for user identities and passwords! These basics will have the biggest impact but require work and perseverance.

Ten Years of the iPhone

Just a decade ago, Steve Jobs unveiled the classic iPhone. In doing so he popularised the concept of smartphones and revolutionised personal electronics in the process.
The dramatic impact of the iPhone can be seen in our daily lives, meetings, and interviews, they’re used across the globe to efficiently plan our corporate lives and manage our services. Allowing us to navigate between Google and our diaries with just a few swipes of our finger, the iPhone blurs the lines between work and home life.
Of course the IPhone’s cool design is a large part of its appeal, but more than this, the iPhone has an incredibly addictive user interface, it’s software has great attention to detail, combined with advanced technology Apple has found a winning formula which has led to the iPhone becoming the most profitable product of all time!
We’re quickly shifting away from the desktop, in part thanks to the increased battery life, fast networking speeds, and huge processing power of smartphones. As each generation of the iPhone becomes more powerful, we’ve reached a point where businesses are now able to handle most of their work at home, without needing any other form of technology. Certainly, the iPhone has enabled mobile works to have work access that even a few years ago we couldn’t have dreamed of!

Exhibitor Offers and News

The Business Growth Show offers the perfect opportunity to Junevolve and expand your business. We welcome businesses from a vast variety of industry sectors, to come together and offer advice and support to fellow companies. Free to attend the show offers a wealth of prospects vital to business growth within this challenging economy. For information on how you can exhibit please email events@thebusinessgrowthshow.co.uk.