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The Business Growth Show is an exhibition & conference offering small, medium and large businesses the chance to gather in one place every six months and network and share best practices and ideas on how to grow.. The event industry is worth £40 billion to the UK economy and exhibition and trade fairs is worth £11 billion and outside of conference and meetings is the largest contributor to industry.

The Business Growth Show started in 2007 and has been helping businesses for over 10 years with our winning formula. We have built a reputation for the best practices with small shows to medium shows.

There are 5.4 million SME’s in the UK. This is businesses with less than 250 employees. The Business Growth Show has attracted over 150,000 businesses through our doors since it was set up in 2007 during this time it has helped generate around 6.7 million pounds to the UK’s economy. UK exhibitions attract over 13 million visitors each year, generating £11.0 billion in spending.

The exhibition industry is well established in the UK with several small to medium sized companies operating in this area. The Business Growth show is in the prime position to be a leader in the exhibition trade fairs market. The average exhibitor exhibits with the show three to four times over their time with the company. Around 30% of exhibitors choose to exhibit in a number of areas across the UK.

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