Floor Plan

P1 Serve Birmingham

P2 Available

P3 B Audio Visual

P4 Barquer Training & Consultancy Ltd

P5 Serve Birmingham

P6 Available

P7 Cherizena

P8 Available

G1 The Business Growth Network – Speed Networking Sponsor

G2 Costco

G3 Available

G4 Blam Online

G5 Available

G6 Available  

G7 Available 

G8 Available

G9 Available

G10 Available

G11 Coffee & Tea Station

G12  Reserved

G13 Available

G14 Available

G15 Popcorn Email Marketing

G16 Available

G17 Social Command

G18 Available 

G19 Available

G20 Available

G21 Headspace Group

G22 Headspace Group

S1 Available

S2 Available

S3 Available

S4 Available

S5 Available

S6 Available

S7 Available

S8 Available

S9 Arkade Property

S10 Arbonne

S11 Ambisko Media Limited

S12 Solihull College and University Centre

B1 Available

B2 Available

B3 Brummies Networking

B4 Birmingham City Football Club

Business Advice Clinic 1 

Business Advice 

Business Advice Clinic 3

Business Advice Clinic 4