Digital Marketing

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be big, it’s about doing the small things such as sending an
emails, updating Twitter and responding to Facebook with a like. It’s momentum that takes you

Yaro Starak says ‘Momentum for me really comes from starting with something small – and
when I say small, it doesn’t have to be business’ @yarostarak
As businesses owners, we are caught up with the here and now and not the planning. By
planning, we don’t mean sitting down and meticulously working out where your marketing is
going to be on the next 12 months. Try the next 12 days. There are plenty of scheduling apps
like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social for you to use.

The issue faced with most businesses and entrepreneurs is keeping up with the Jones’ and
trying to think of something to say… Let’s face it there is always going to be someone more
clever than you and more organised and you, but if you take Yaro’s approach and just start off
small and build a routine you will also build a following. The saying goes that Rome was never
built in a day – the same goes for your marketing. You have to have consistency in the same
nature as getting up in the morning, having a shower, brushing your teeth and getting dressed
before you leave for work. It is building a routine in your day that will change your marketing
approach to things.

Spending 32 minutes a day doing social media planning and execution will allow you to build a
reputable following and help you engage with the right customers and be able to generate the
right leads.

Before I leave and move on to tips I’m sure you’re wondering why I used 32 minutes instead of
30. What will 2 minutes difference make? Not a lot, but by being different in your approach it will
make you think more about putting in place the things you wish to put off and be seen as
change maker.

5 tips to make you get better results from your social media activity:
● Download a free social media scheduling app
● Spend 32 minutes planning your weekly updates
● Focus on three key words to build your campaign around repetition, repetition and
● Update your channels regularly and focus on two or three platforms only.
● Follow up on conversation with likes and comments at least three times a day

Finally, don’t stress about trying to keep up with the digital trends. Allow social media in your
business to become fun. Remember your marketing is not just one medium, it is all mediums
and you need to mix both the online with the face to face.


Facebook is changing. What does that mean for your business?

Are you aware of the recent Facebook changes that are affecting your business?

Facebook Focuses News Feed On Friends And Family, Curbing The Reach Of Brands And Media.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that his company is beginning a year-long overhaul of its products to promote meaningful personal connections, starting with a major change to the news feed. The move will prioritize posts by friends, family and groups, while curbing the reach of unpaid contents shared by businesses and publishers.

Zuckerberg said in his post. “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”

Over time, what Facebook calls “public content,” or unpaid posts by page-owners, exceeded the volume of posts by people. This shift, Zuckerberg said, has detracted from Facebook’s core mission. The company said the changes are expected to cause the reach, video watch time and traffic of media organizations on the social network to decline as a whole. Posts by pages that don’t garner interactions like “reactions,” shares or comments will be especially downplayed by the updated algorithm. (People can manually prioritize unpaid posts from pages to some degree by selecting publishers they’d like to “See First” in the “News Feed Preferences” tab.)

The updates will not affect the prominence or volume of paid posts or advertisements in people’s feeds, according to a Facebook spokesperson. However the changes could potentially result in a decline in revenue if they get people to do what Zuckerberg expects they will — spend less time Facebook. At least in the near term, the company anticipates the change to decrease the overall amount of time people spend on news feed by reducing scrolling and the passive consumption of videos and articles. However, long-term, the company predicts the change will cause people to find their time on Facebook more worthwhile, which could increase revenue in the long-run. What’s more, if businesses and media organizations lose unpaid exposure through the algorithm change as expected, they could end up spending more on Facebook advertising to maintain their visibility.

So after all the shouting and people panicking it looks like Facebook just want to move business & media brands over to paid advertising, which has always been very difficult, without the now added pressure.

Facebook now wants to move business & media brands over to paid advertising, 

Content we post must be engaging to your followers, or else they just won’t see it unless you pay for it to be seen.

Continually Sticking an advert on your news feed, which doesn’t create shares and reaches will now be seen by less of your followers.

So now is the time to speak to Intuitive Marketing Agency about our fantastic social advert systems.

Intuitive Mailer

Intuitive Mailer

Intuitive Mailer helps businesses connect to greater audiences by a simple click of a button. Our system is easy to use and is a simple drag and drop process. We have a number template designs for you to choose from, allowing you to design stunning emails and get great results at a click of a button or simply upload your own HTML files to our system to create your own touch.

Need a little help? That is where the Intuitive Mailer’s team come into it. With over 20 years of experience in marketing our team are in the right position to help our clients get results.

The Business Growth Network

The Business Growth Network

The Business Growth Network Launches in at the show in September

The Business Growth Network brought to you by Mark Linton who has been helping businesses grow for over 10 years through The Business Growth Show. It has always been his belief that you should be able to try before you buy. This is why with The Business Growth Network you have a choice to either attend as a Guest Member forever for free or join as a full member. ‘The choice is yours’

With our full membership programme members will have greater resources and benefits to be involved with greater value for their money along with reduced meeting costs.

There are benefits for doing both. Attending as a Guest Member will give businesses the chance to regularly attend meetings once a month to any group within a 10-mile radius without joining as a full member.

If you decide to be a full member you will be able to network once a week, once a fortnight or once a month at anyone one of our meetings locally, regionally or nationally.

Members will have the chance to connect to all members online and build their own network virtually as well using our connector application to arrange 1 2 1 at their chosen meeting, this will help members gain qualified meetings and be able to maximise their time out of the office. A maximum of 2 connector meetings can be arranged prior to each meeting.

We also believe in bringing technology together with face to face networking to enable you to make the most out of your network. This why we have introduced our profile matcher service that allows full members to see recommendations of other members their area to connect to so you can use your time using social media effectively.

We also believe that you should not be penalised for employing people, so businesses can buy a company membership that allows them to have up to four members to attend meetings at anyone time without any restrictions. Opening up the opportunities for your team organisation to grow.

How will our meetings work…

We follow an agenda, which allows for introductions as well as informal and formal networking, to encourage an open and friendly, but professional atmosphere. There are no compulsory attendance or requirements to be a fully paid up member.

Breakfast Meetings 7 am – 9 am

Break Meetings 9.30 am – 11.30 am

Lunch 12pm – 2pm

Open Networking
60 Second Introductions
Connector Round
10 Minute Presentation
1-2-1 round Connector
Meeting Closes

How much does it cost?

Meeting Costs

Breakfast GM £18 inc Vat AM, RM, NM and CM £15inc VAT
Morning Break GM £10 inc Vat AM, RM, NM and CM £7 inc VAT
Lunch Meetings GM £23 inc Vat AM, RM, NM and CM £20inc VAT



If you own a business and can take on more business why not register as a preferred supplier with our event partner

Because you are a friend of the Business Growth Show we have arranged for the regular set up fee of £347 plus vat to be waived so it is FREE to set up a profile  – just pay them a 15% fee when it works!

This is how it works  – if you have questions please email



Social-Hire is a specialist social media agency. We work with small businesses that want to get social media results but have neither the time nor the expertise to do so. We’ll take away your social media headache and give you the results you’ve been craving.

Perhaps you’d like to generate sales leads from social media? Or maybe drive online registrations or demo requests? Perhaps attract staff to your business or trigger brochure downloads? Whatever the tangible results you’d like social media to start delivering, our expert team will help you figure out the right strategy for achieving this – and then run your social media so that you don’t need to employ someone to do this.

Did we mention that we’re usually only 1/3 the cost of employing a social media manager in your business? Plus we generate far more compelling results than an employee. We look forward to learning about your business at the show, please do come and have a chat with our friendly team!

Placement UK

Placement UK

Placement UK is the leading undergraduate placement provider in the UK. We work with hundreds of UK and European universities, giving us access to thousands of outstanding undergraduates who are looking for 6-12 month internships as an essential part of their studies.

Have you ever considered recruiting an academically exceptional undergraduate for your business? Why not add some talent to your team with a 6-12 month paid work placement with a student studying a degree relevant to the role?

Our candidates are often final year undergraduates, or post-grad masters students. They will usually have completed previous work placements, so they will have some hard professional experience as well as high academic knowledge and skills.

It’s an extremely cost-effective way to bring new ideas, skills and enthusiasm into your business. A typical allowance for an intern is around £700 per month (NMW does not apply as they are still attached to a university).

Placement UK is a full service agency, not a virtual job board. Allow our friendly (human) team to advise and assist you all the way through the process. We are also an ethical supplier. See full details of our services at:

We also supply international Graduates & Graduate Interns. See


Offsite Servers

Offsite Servers

Offsite Servers Limited is an IT cloud solutions provider, working out of the newly renovated Innovation Centre in Longbridge, Birmingham. We specialise in cloud hosted solutions accessible from any device, from any location. Offsite Servers Limited support multiple industries all over the UK. Tailored into one affordable monthly cost with no large capital outlay, our offer scales and grows with your business. We provide tailored solutions for each of our clients and firmly believe we are a large enough business to provide solutions to a wide range of clients of all sizes, but also small enough to care about the service that we provide our customers. Offsite Servers Limited decided to pursue ISO certification to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard as we wanted to be recognised for the quality service we offer our clients. As a team we felt that it would give us the opportunity to provide our clients with the best possible care and attention, ensuring we have the means to continuously improve our services. We take an innovative approach to IT, and aim to increase productivity and flexibility in the workplace. We are Offsite Servers – we simplify your IT.