Women in Business Expert Panel


Mark Linton, the Founder of The Business Growth Show, has been helping businesses grow for over 10 years, and is a great supporter of Women in Business. In fact, he has worked part-time for the last three years to look after his twin 4-year-old daughters and 10-year-old son, sharing the parental journey with his wife, who is a police officer and has her own career.

It is his belief that flexible working should be increased, and a lot of companies do not see the value of having experienced Mothers working for them.

There are now 5 million SME’s in the UK. Before the recession in 2008 women only accounted for a third of those in a self-employed roles. Since this time, 80% of business start-ups have been founded by women. However, there is still a large divide between men and women holding a senior position or board role in major corporations throughout the UK.

Women are still seen as the key-carer of children, and the linchpin to the family home. In a lot of circumstances, they put their careers on hold to look after their families, whilst the man goes out to work. It then becomes increasingly harder for women to gain employment once they have taken a career break, resulting in an increase in business start-ups across the UK.

Today, there only 1% of business women in senior roles sitting in footsie 100 companies in the UK – compared to our European counterparts, where in Sweden there are 8% of women sitting in boardrooms. A figure still not high enough.

Our women in business discussion panel will bring some of the UK’s top inspirational women who have either experienced holding senior roles, taken career breaks for children or have set up on their own to challenge flexible working.

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Session runs from 11.15am -12.30pm