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The Business Growth Network Launches in at the show in September

The Business Growth Network brought to you by Mark Linton who has been helping businesses grow for over 10 years through The Business Growth Show. It has always been his belief that you should be able to try before you buy. This is why with The Business Growth Network you have a choice to either attend as a Guest Member forever for free or join as a full member. ‘The choice is yours’

With our full membership programme members will have greater resources and benefits to be involved with greater value for their money along with reduced meeting costs.

There are benefits for doing both. Attending as a Guest Member will give businesses the chance to regularly attend meetings once a month to any group within a 10-mile radius without joining as a full member.

If you decide to be a full member you will be able to network once a week, once a fortnight or once a month at anyone one of our meetings locally, regionally or nationally.

Members will have the chance to connect to all members online and build their own network virtually as well using our connector application to arrange 1 2 1 at their chosen meeting, this will help members gain qualified meetings and be able to maximise their time out of the office. A maximum of 2 connector meetings can be arranged prior to each meeting.

We also believe in bringing technology together with face to face networking to enable you to make the most out of your network. This why we have introduced our profile matcher service that allows full members to see recommendations of other members their area to connect to so you can use your time using social media effectively.

We also believe that you should not be penalised for employing people, so businesses can buy a company membership that allows them to have up to four members to attend meetings at anyone time without any restrictions. Opening up the opportunities for your team organisation to grow.

How will our meetings work…

We follow an agenda, which allows for introductions as well as informal and formal networking, to encourage an open and friendly, but professional atmosphere. There are no compulsory attendance or requirements to be a fully paid up member.

Breakfast Meetings 7 am – 9 am

Break Meetings 9.30 am – 11.30 am

Lunch 12pm – 2pm

Open Networking
60 Second Introductions
Connector Round
10 Minute Presentation
1-2-1 round Connector
Meeting Closes

How much does it cost?

Meeting Costs

Breakfast GM £18 inc Vat AM, RM, NM and CM £15inc VAT
Coffee Break GM £10 inc Vat AM, RM, NM and CM £7 inc VAT
Lunch Meetings GM £23 inc Vat AM, RM, NM and CM £20inc VAT

GM Guest Member 1 meetings per month within 10 miles of chosen postcode. NO MEMBERSHIP FEE
AM Area Member 2 meetings a month £149+VAT a year (Popular) 40 Mile Radius
RM Regional Member 4 meetings a month £199+VAT a year (60-mile radius)
NM National Member 4 meetings a month £249+VAT a year (No restrictions on area)
CM Company Membership can send up to 4 people to meetings a month £399+VAT

The Business Growth Network does not require you to be a fully paid up member. Our members who choose to sign up for a yearly subscription do so because they see the added value to becoming a subscription member.

What are the benefits?

Networking is still the most effective way of doing business and meeting new and existing contacts:

Business networking brings a diverse range of professionals together for mutual benefits, including:

• Introductions to potential new customers
• Build a wide network of business contacts
• Gain the help and support of fellow networkers… and benefit from their expertise
• Share your own knowledge and experience: ‘giving back’
• Source partners and suppliers you can trust


Do I have to attend every week? – No
Do I have to become a full member? No, guest join because they want to
Do you restrict the competition? – No
Can I be part of another network? – Yes
Can I book multiple meetings? – Depends on your membership type, but yes.
Can I deliver a presentation? – Only full members can present
Can I connect to anyone in the network? – No this is restricted to whether you know them or you are a full member where you can connect to 10 members a week.
Can I pay by card? – Yes, we will be offering and online card service.
Can I use the online services? – Everyone can benefit from the online services regardless of them becoming a full member of not.

We are looking for leaders to run groups as well as a support team. Are you some who can inspire people and bring together a meeting? If so he would like you to get in touch. There are huge benefits for your own company to get involved as well as marketing opportunities to help you grow your business within the network. Please fill in the form.


Just looking to join a fresh new networking group? Then simply register your details below and we will be in touch when a group closest to you opens up.

Leaders Wanted

Interested in having a bigger presence within the network?


Join The Business Growth Network

  • The Business Growth Network is looking for individuals to either run or attend its meetings. These will be morning and lunch time meetings. The meetings will be launched in September.
  • We will be launching meetings across the country so if you don't see one in your area and feel you would like to commit to once a fortnight to host then get in touch.